Academy report

Not spoiling the broth*: Day 4 in Berlin

It was probably the sun and the tasty breakfast that gave this morning a special kick. Going into the garden for our third warm-up ‘social gathering’ we noticed there was some new feeling of connection between us and eve... (more)

We are Welshmen in Berlin…: Delayed Day 2

After finishing our Starbucks on Alexanderplatz, our international family began our caffeine fueled cycling tour. Splitting into two groups, with each being led by a British guide (with one happening to be another Welshm... (more)

Third time lucky: Day 3 in Berlin from a Belgian perspective

Personating a broken toaster, James Bond, a mixer or an island may not seem like the most obvious beginning of the day, but here in Berlin it’s starting to feel familiar! What seemed to become a very peaceful and q... (more)

The Eustory experience continues: Day 2 in Berlin

The amazing David Hasselhoff couldn’t have been more proud today to hear he’s still so popular in the streets of Berlin. What started off as a regular day in the German capital for its four million inhabitants, turned ou... (more)

Mix and match! The exchange mission

First day in Berlin, some of our participants have already arived yesterday and of course we didn’t want to give them just the morning off. So we sent them out on a mission. 4 groups, 4 destinations, 1 aim: exchang... (more)

51 years ago… A wall was built

And three years ago, the participants of the Eustory academy in Berlin dealt with the topic of the Berlin wall. They realized three movies around that topic. One fairy tale that tries to explain life in East and West of ... (more)

Almost 18.000 visitors on our blog! All started two years ago…

About two years ago this blog started due to an initiative of two of our interns during our summer academy in Berlin in August 2010. Reason enough to show again the movies the participants created during that week, all d... (more)

Time to say good bye

With the Berlin academy, the last EUSTORY academy in 2011 has ended. So I give the word again to Jorge, for the last time this summer…: Our last day started very relaxed. We commented satisfactorily the interview w... (more)

Day 5: Do you know anything about Domovoj?

I received this text from Jorge at 2.01 am, poor exploited volunteer… Anton (Russia) would say: “Many people ask me: Anton, do you know anything about Domovoj?”In this case we didn’t know anything about Domovoj (wh... (more)

Day 4: From 500 to 155 questions

Between 400 and 500 interview questions were written this morning for “our” witness. After throwing away some of them such as  “How was the weather like during three years?” (Kaspars was proud of it) we took 155 and the ... (more)

Day 3 in Berlin: SS, concentration camp, a broken toaster and a little of freedom (strange combination).

Even though Jorge was completely exhausted, as you could read in the Blog of the first day, he volunteered again to write… So, Jorge again: It has been a very interesting day today! After taking three trains, three... (more)

Second day: How is the fate of POWs commemorated today?

The Blogger of today is Ilze from Latvia and I really appreciate her iron will to write a short text after that stressfull day we had, exploring the German-Russian-Museum in Karlshorst, visiting the Memorial Schöneweide ... (more)

Delayed Day 1: Message from a Spaniard in Berlin…

For the first day Jorge from Spain was supposed to be our Blogger, yesterday it was impossible to write anything, so here it comes now. Jorge: I have to apologize because yesterday it was impossible to write anything on ... (more)

First day in Berlin: Too much to do, too much to see

The first day of our seminar in Berlin, the so-called introduction day was so full of impressions (including a sightseeing trip to Berlin), that we will have a little delay with a detailed blog post. At 10 pm the volunte... (more)

Visiting Bois du Caziers: 55 years after the mine tragedy

Today the Eustory-group went on a trip to southern Belgium, Vallonia, to visit and see the great canal systems and the museum of the former coalmine ‘Le Bois du Cazier’ . We first got on the bus and drove to ... (more)