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Day 4: From 500 to 155 questions

Between 400 and 500 interview questions were written this morning for “our” witness. After throwing away some of them such as  “How was the weather like during three years?” (Kaspars was proud of it) we took 155 and the others were sold to Financial Times and New York Times. After earning the millions we needed to buy our mansions in Ibiza we were prepared to interview Lev Alexsandrovitch Netto, our witness.

He was prisoner in a POWs camp between 1944 and 1945 because he was soldier of the Red Army, but after the end of the war he was taken to another one (a Goulag) because for Stalin, survival prisoners from war must have been traitors. Nowadays he is 86.

Lev came here some days ago in order to let us interview him about his experiences during WWII and also as a Soviet POW, so today, between “exhibitionists and streetlights” [energizing game] we have prepared the whole interview: questions, structure, and an also we have practiced it with a very special stuntwoman instead of Mr. Netto, Gabriele Woidelko, the Eustory director, who is visiting us for a couple of days.

Tomorrow is the day of the interview so we hope everything is correct. In addiction we thank this man for coming here and giving us the opportunity to deal with a “flesh and bond” person who lived first-hand the dark events of the past.

The problem is that we have 155 questions and a minimum of 3 minutes per question, and that is… a lot.  But don’t worry, in some months, you could buy the whole interview in 50 collectible DVDs in your nearest shop!