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Seminars and Projects

Every year, a number of History Camps take place, where young people from all over Europe and beyond come together to work on issues of European history and identity. Here you can learn more about past seminars, projects and other activities.

These activities enable the participants to discover not only their own past, but the histories of other people from Europe and beyond. Together, they experience today’s Europe. Young Europeans get the opportunity for exchange and dialogue on different ways of remembrance and controversial issues in Europe’s past and present such as the legacies of 20th Century wars, protest and civil disobedience, borders, minorities, stereotypes as well as conflicts, wars and peace.
History Camps and online activities on the EUSTORY History Campus are open to young Europeans, who participated in history competitions or historical-political youth activities of Körber-Stiftung and its partners, for example in the context of the EUSTORY Network.
History Camps and online projects are aimed at students within the age range of 16 to 25. The specific age group for each History Camp and online project is outlined in the respective application criteria.

By participating in an activity on the EUSTORY History Campus, the participants become a member of the community of young people from all over Europe here on the EUSTORY History Campus.

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