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This is a space for young perspectives on current events, identity, history and its relevance for the present. The EUSTORY History Campus gives voice to personal stories and perspectives on history and identity of young Europeans.


Personal stories view history from within. They give space to subjectiveness and emotions, which influence our perception of the world in general and history in particular.

Benefit from the perspectives from more than 30 countries to recognize the vast diversity of experience! Contribute to an understanding of the multiple layers of history and its various ways of influence on our present!

By discussing different national and personal perspectives on historical events, their handling and the current concepts of identity it is possible to oppose the abuse of history as an ideological weapon. Connect and discuss with other dedicated Europeans and take part in shaping the image of a Europe you want to live in!


Sign up and become an author of opinion pieces, articles, Memory Suitcases or impressions from Out of Europe. Discuss in our forums or exchange information on available international internships, your latest good reading or an exhibition visiting worthwhile.


Award winners of EUSTORY history competitions and partner organisations and people who are interested in history and identity with a soft spot for discussions and writing.

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