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Editors’ Group and Authors

Editors' Group 2020/21 during their annual workshop in Hamburg, 6-9 February.

Young authors from all over Europe regularly publish blog posts about current events, discuss the relevance of historical anniversaries and share very personal approaches to issues related to history and identity in Europe.

The Editors’ Programme is a project with and for EUSTORY Alumni. The Editors receive coaching by journalists, set the agenda for the blog and support authors in the writing and editing process.

We are always looking for new authors. If you are interested, contact us at eustory@koerber-stiftung.de before you start writing. Every autumn we are looking for new Editors. Follow us here to see when the new round of application starts!


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Meet the Editors

Editors’ Group and Authors
Antonius Achtner

Having studied law for the past four years, I’ve never lost my interest in history and politics. I’m part of the Editors’ team since 2020 and my hope is to contribute to international communication among the youth. Apart from that, I’ve been playing the violin for most of my life.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Gregor Christiansmeyer

Gregor is a German Eustorian who has been doing his Bachelors in history and political science in Münster; after a year of internships he currently is a graduate student in Göttingen. He enjoys meeting new people, having discussions and fun together. Gregor is always delighted when he finds nice postcards in his letter box – they have got a place of honour in his room.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Jakob Heyn

Jakob was born in 1998, he is from Denmark and is working as a teacher before starting university.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Rusudan Janjalashvili

I am a 19-year-old student from Tbilisi, Georgia. History, literature, languages and music have been my greatest passions for years. I enjoy reading Gothic literature as well as writing one – I strongly believe that writing is the reason of my existence and I am dedicated for raising the voices of those who are weak but have to be heard.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Maria Krylova

Born in Moscow and raised in Hungary and Sweden, Maria has recently completed her undergraduate studies in International Politics in the United Kingdom. At the moment she is working on a multitude of art and graphic design projects, and is planning postgraduate studies in Sweden. Maria is particularly passionate about questions of national identity and heritage.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Phillip Landgrebe

Born in 1995, Phillip studies public history in Kassel, Germany. Loves to explore the nature in different countries and to discuss about history, but hates to describe himself.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Miguel Muñoz Sánchez

Miguel was born in 1999. He loves reading, writing and most of all travelling and meeting new cultures. History Campus provides him with all of that… His other passions fantasy and history novels also give him that.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Taras Oleksyn

Taras was born in Zbarazh, which is a small town in Western Ukraine. Since 2008 he lives in Lviv. Taras likes history, journalism and public relations. During the last two years he worked in the Ukrainian Association of Teachers of History “Nova Doba”, helping refugee children, which were affected by war in Eastern Ukraine. One of his tasks is to show the real “face” of post-Soviet states to Europeans.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Decho Pavlov

Eustory History Campus Editor since 2020 Prize winner Bulgaria 2017, 2019 History, Science, Water polo, Friends, Writing

Editors’ Group and Authors
Neasa Schukat

Hi, my name is Neasa Schukat and I’m 19 years old. I’m half Irish, half German and I grew up in Galway, in the west of Ireland. I’m in my first year of studying Film & Digital Media in Galway, and my hobbies include writing, reading, art, films, music and researching history.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Liliana Sofkova

Liliana is a 4th International relations student based in Sofia, Bulgaria with profound interest in diplomacy, human rights, and international security. Passionate about dancing, travelling and mountain climbing.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Jonas Ravn

Jonas is 20 years old and is currently studying Political Sciences in the second semester at the University of Southern Denmark.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Trixi Steil

Born in 1999, Trixi studies various archaeological subjects in her hometown Münster, Germany. Besides antiquities she is in general interested in history and also likes playing different instruments and meeting new people.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Milena Tatalovic

Milena studied sociology, but is not so crazy about sociology as for history. Interested in social and family history. Passionate about travels, breweries and books.

Editors’ Group and Authors
Kateryna Tebiakina

Kate was born in 2000, she is from Ukraine and joined the Editors’ Team in 2019.