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eCommemoration Campus 2020

Beyond the Crisis

The year 2020 brought us the global COVID-19 pandemic affecting people in all corners of the world. We are experiencing how a crisis is shaking our present and will definitely influence our future. How do we as individuals and the societies cope with the current challenges and consequences? To what extent can we learn from experiences of the past?

How can historical and political processes of communication and remembrance still take place when face-to-face encounters of people are not possible? The eCommemoration Campus 2020 will enable a virtual cross-border dialogue on history and identity and wants to contribute to international understanding and intercultural exchange.

A crisis is often perceived as an existential threat that we have to overcome. But it can also be a driver for innovation, for the development of new opportunities and positive changes. Either way, crises can have both winners and losers. While some will suffer from the consequences, others will benefit from new changes. As exceptional situations, they require exceptional actions from us.

Even though we are confronted with distancing rules and closed borders in times of Corona, the eCommemoration Campus will bring us closer together online. We hope you will join us!


With the concept of eCommemoration we explore new interactive and participatory forms of remembrance beyond traditional memory practices:

We use the many opportunities the digital revolution offers: new digital platforms, innovative technical tools, new approaches to collaborative communication & working methods, new links between digital & real spaces & places.

We want to explore new formats & contribute to a modern, digital & forward-thinking culture of remembrance that involves the ideas of the young generation.


Young Europeans aged between 16 and 25 from the EUSTORY Network and its partners


Beginning of October to beginning of December 2020


Online via the Eustory History Campus Platform

Working Language?


Which skills can I develop?

You will receive professional training in storytelling and the use of digital tools. If you participate in the entire programme you will receive certificates for these skills and your experiences with international collaboration.

How does the eCommemoration Campus work?

The eCommemoration Campus takes place on our platform for young Europeans, the EUSTORY History Campus. There, a space is offered for young perspectives on current events, identity, history and its relevance for the present. It is run by Körber-Stiftung.

Working on the EUSTORY History Campus

On the EUSTORY History Campus, our platform for young voices on issues of history and identity in Europe and beyond, we will establish virtual classrooms for each eCommemoration workspace. This is the place where you can communicate in a forum, discuss issues in threads, start joint or bilateral video calls, share documents, audios, photos or videos or meet your facilitator as well as digital or topical experts.

The virtual classrooms are situated in a password protected area and are accessible only for members of your eCommemoration workspace. It will be the project’s home base.

Getting to know each other

While online group work within your workspace will be an important component during the eCommemoration Campus, various other elements are included as well. You will, for example, be able to explore your local area, do research on your social environment and let your workspace members experience your individual region’s history.

Furthermore, there will be playful community events with the entire international group where you will get to know your fellow participants even better. Consequently, despite being physically distanced, you will experience internationality and a vivid multicultural exchange!

eCommemoration Campus Workspaces


Home During Crisis

Stories of Losing, Leaving and Finding a Home

Using multimedia storytelling to create a mosaic of what home represents during different crises.


Childhood During Crisis

Growing up in Difficult Times

Creating a virtual exhibition on the stories of children during crises.


Hope in Difficult Times

How to Cope with Crises?

Producing multimedia stories to capture people’s different ways of coping with crises.


From October to December 2020 the eCommemoration Campus will bring together around 50 young prize winners from national history competitions from all over Europe and beyond to discuss their shared European past, present and future in an online format. The participants will work on different topics in parallel workspaces organized in cooperation with partners from the fields of academia, arts, politics, media and education.

In cooperation with the workspace partners, the eCommemoration Campus Team will select the best fitting candidates. How well you scored in your competition and your language proficiency are just as important as your motivation and your personality. We also try to select candidates representing a wide range of countries.

Prize winners and alumni aged between 16 and 25 years from the history competitions organized in the EUSTORY network are invited to apply for the eCommemoration Campus 2020.

You will need internet access and a computer, tablet or mobile phone (a bigger screen than a phone is recommended for the work in the forum).

Please follow the steps described on page 15 of the brochure. If you have any questions, please contact the eCommemoration Campus Team at eustory@koerber-stiftung.de.

Once confirmed, your participation in the eCommemoration Campus 2020 is binding and your attendance is obligatory. A later cancellation will only be possible under certain circumstances and we reserve the right to charge you a cancellation fee if we cannot fill your space (cf. Terms and Conditions).

Participation in the eCommemoration Campus is mostly free of charge. However, we may charge you with a compensation fee if you withdraw from your participation at a later stage. For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions of the eCommemoration Campus.

We designed the programme so that you can participate while doing your school or university work. It will take ca. 3-5 hours a week. Some of the work you can do on your own time, whenever it fits. Other events take place live at a certain day and time, when you meet with your workspace team or we all get together for some fun games and cross-border community experiences.

Apart from in-depth dialogue and discussion about the respective issues that will be tackled in the different workspaces, you will have the chance to get to know each other. We will organise informal community events like games and quizzes. Thus, we will make intercultural exchange possible in times of social distancing rules.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the eCommemoration  Campus Team at: eustory@koerber-stiftung.de

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Koerber Stiftung