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eCommemoration Campus 2020 »Beyond the Crisis«

The year 2020 brought us the global COVID-19 pandemic affecting people in all corners of the world. We are experiencing how a crisis is shaking our present and will definitely influence our future. How do we as individuals and the societies cope with the current challenges and consequences? To what extent can we learn from experiences of the past?

How can historical and political processes of communication and remembrance still take place when face-to-face encounters of people are not possible? The eCommemoration Campus 2020 facilitated a virtual cross-border dialogue on history and identity and contributed to international understanding and intercultural exchange.


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A crisis is often perceived as an existential threat that we have to overcome. But it can also be a driver for innovation, for the development of new opportunities and positive changes. Either way, crises can have both winners and losers. While some will suffer from the consequences, others will benefit from new changes. As exceptional situations, they require exceptional actions from us.

Even though we were confronted with distancing rules and closed borders in times of Corona, the eCommemoration Campus brought us closer together online


With the concept of eCommemoration we explore new interactive and participatory forms of remembrance beyond traditional memory practices:

We use the many opportunities the digital revolution offers: new digital platforms, innovative technical tools, new approaches to collaborative communication & working methods, new links between digital & real spaces & places.

We want to explore new formats & contribute to a modern, digital & forward-thinking culture of remembrance that involves the ideas of the young generation.

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