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Childhood During Crisis

<strong>Image Credits:</strong> Körber-Stiftung/David Ausserhofer

Do you remember toys or objects from your childhood, which remind you of a particular time growing up? These childhood memories often shape and influence our thinking and behaviour for the rest of our lives. During crises, children often belong to the most vulnerable group and can experience long-term impact lasting into their adult lives. But too often, the voices of the young remain unheard and their needs are not taken into consideration.

Over the course of seven weeks, thirteen participants from nine different countries learned about the importance of memory, storytelling, and gained a deeper understanding of their own and other people’s responsibilities in the efforts to build sustainable peace.

As part of the workshop, participants conducted their own oral history field research in a creative and collaborative effort to collect historical material and create an online virtual exhibition which features personal stories of those whose childhoods have been affected by an armed conflict or the current global pandemic, anywhere in the world. Documented oral history material became part of a carefully curated virtual exhibition titled ‘Down the Memory Lane”.

This exhibition brings personal stories of childhoods affected by a crisis and thus shows different aspects of children’s lives and experiences; their struggles, resilience, and hope. These remarkable stories cut across generations, geographical, political, and other limitations.

Exhibition Stories

João (19),

Ana Matilde (16),

Michael (17),

Polina (16),

Sophia (19),

Alexander (16),

Michael (17),

Tirion (17),

Julian (19),

Roberta (24),

Rodrigo (18),

Sofia (17),
United States

Amina (21),
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Valeria (20),


This content was developed during the eCommemoration Campus 2020 »Beyond the Crisis«.

This Workspace was realised in cooperation with War Childhood Museum, Sarajevo.

Merima Ražanica

Workspace Moderator

Almedina Lozić

Workspace Moderator

Aynura Akbaš

Workspace Moderator