A collapse with consequences: In 1991, the Soviet Union officially dissolved. Perspectives on a turning point and its legacies.

EUSTORY Youth Activities 2021

How to cope with conflicts resulting from different perspectives on the past? Young Europeans developed a tool kit for peaceful and democratic conflict resolution in a digital workshop programme.

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Check the Retrospect of The Language of Democracy

What does remain? Thirty years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and socialist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe, participants explored the pasts’ (in-)visible legacies in the urban space.


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Identity shows how the past influences us and how it shapes our perception of the present. Take a look at the dividing and uniting power of history.

The Green Cigar Box or: How to Deal With Your Family’s Nazi Past

An empty cigar box containing the burden of a heavy-weighing family history: When German-Australian student Kelly found out that her great-grandfather's cigar box is a relic of her family's involvemen...

Author's piano and the pamphlet signed by Georgian Composer

Making Friends with Music: In Search of Traditional Tunes

A carrier of family memories, a European meeting point and a gate to new friendships: For Rusudan from Georgia, the pian...

Discovering China: The Art of Finding Yourself

Experiencing China from a Georgian perspective: Mertsia about the importance of language, cuisine and finding ways to in...

Moldova’s Pathway Through the 20th Century

In an interactive map, Ilinca, Veronica and Oxana from Moldova show how a painful past and present Moldovan identities b...

One People, Two Peoples, Neighbours or Enemies? North Macedonia and Bulgaria

Kristijan from North Macedonia and Liliana from Bulgaria discuss the tense relationship between their countries regardin...

Memory Suitcase

A Memory Suitcase is something that every one of us has: a real physical suitcase, an old shoe box or in our minds. It contains objects, images and other items we collect in the course of our life and they become a symbol of our very personal history. What is in your Memory Suitcase?


Radicalisation, Populism, Nationalism: Are we drifting apart?
People protesting

Polish Populism Plague

The Polish law students Witold Janas and Marek Kaczmarczyk sum up what happened with the Polish judiciary system since 2...

My Life Without A National Identity

Maria from Sweden wonders whether all this hostility in the debates about how the respective nationa...

A Memory You Can Wear

Jonas from Denmark ponderes the question which item carries the most meaning and memories of his own...

Fake or Real? The Media in the Era of ›Post Truth‹

Participants of the Workshop "Fake or Real?" explore media in the era of ›post truth‹ and trained to...

Analysing Populism: Against Radicalisation in Contemporary Europe

Right-wing populism is omnipresent in Europe. What does it have to do with history? And what possibl...