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Blogging History: Journalism Made by You

This content was created during a workshop at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2023 "Dialogues to Remember" from 28 September to 02 October 2023 in Prague. The Summit brought together more than 100 participants from 23 countries in Europe and beyond to work together with experts from the fields of academia, journalism, education and arts to get into dialogue on questions related to history and identity as well as current social and political issues.

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How to make individual stories of Europe’s youth heard? What to consider in order to produce a compelling story for a European blog?

During the EUSTORY Summit-workshop “Blogging History: Journalism Made by You”, 14 history- and writing-enthusiasts from 12 countries followed the Summit’s motto “Dialogues to Remember” and dived into the world of journalism.

The hands-on workshop offered the participants a space to practice vital journalistic skills and develop ideas for future blogposts of the EUSTORY History Campus.

Where to get inspiration and information for new articles? Outside, beyond the desk! To explore the chances of visual storytelling, the group went out and captured Prague’s atmosphere with their cameras. After experimenting with infographics on specifically chosen topics, they experienced dialogue across borders first-hand by taking interviews with citizens of Prague and preparing these for publication. 
Apart from multimedia storytelling, classic journalism wasn’t neglected either: How to craft attention-grabbing headlines and powerful teasers as well as challenges of the editorial process were discussed before a brainstorming session, in which participants developed the topical agenda for the EUSTORY History Campus for the upcoming months…Stay tuned!


Check out the journalistic multimedia pieces which were created in Prague!

Investigating Prague: Fun Facts


Prague through a journalistic lense

Behind the Scenes

This workshop was organised with

Aida Ivan

Journalist and Lecturer

Berlin, Germany