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Summit Day 3

After three intense and very productive days in the workshop groups, it was time to present your results on stage: photographic collages linking Berlin-impressions with personal stories, an emotional stage performance about the Spanish transition, a video installation about crossing borders, an audio collage voicing European transitions, a patchwork of controversial memories represented by objects...

GIFs in a day of EUSTORY Summit Participants

Have a look into the diary of one of the participants of the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2019. How to describe it in GIFs?! Enjoy!

Summit Team @work

  While you’re busy preparing your final presentations for today’s closing event, the summit team is working, too…

Summit Day 2

  Exploring times of transition in the city of Berlin and keep on working in the Alte Börse – the second day of the EUSTORY Summit 2019 comes to an end. That means: One day left to show your peers what you and your group have worked on during the past days!  

Summit Day 1

  What an active first day! Welcome address at the Alte Börse in Berlin-Marzahn, followed by intense hours within the workshop groups and a visit of the German parliament’s dome at night! (Photos 1-7: ©David Ausserhofer / Körber-Stiftung)

The Summit in a Nutshell

When 120 young Europeans from 29 countries come together in Berlin to creatively deal with the legacies of European transitions in 8 workshops, intense experiences are guaranteed..!

Summit-Trailer 2019

Where can we find traces of European transitions and to what extent do they still shape our everyday lives? Together with peers from all over Europe, we will discuss these and other questions during the EUSTORY Summit 2019 “Winds of Change – Transitions in Europe”! By loading the video, you agree to Vimeo's privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock Vimeo

“Coping with differences – that is the beauty, but also the challenge of democracy”

At the opening ceremony of the EUSTORY Summit 2019 in Berlin, former Latvian president Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga emphasized that the preservation of multi-party systems, human rights and freedom connected to democracy will stay a dynamic and never-ending task for Europeans .   In the upcoming days, we will look back on times of change since 1989, share our perspectives, family stories and personal ex...

Workshop Retrospect: Peace of Westphalia 1648
Workshop Retrospect: Write Your Own History
Workshop Retrospect: War and Peace Cast in Stone
Workshop Retrospect: Disturbing the Peace?

The Art of Remembrance: Coping with the Legacy of Perpetrators in History

With each passing day, we have less and less of a connection to what came before us. History needs to be re-narrated consistently if we want to save it from oblivion. The legacy of perpetrators in history is an issue that requires particular attention and responsibility from all of us. How can we use creative expression as a means to reconnect with history?