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Voices from the Vltava: Dialogues to Remember

Magda (on the right) with a friend at the Voltova (Photo: Private)

In Autumn 2023, the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit took place under the motto “Dialogues to Remember”. In the heart of the Czech Republic’s capital, the journalistic Summit-workshop followed the question: “What are dialogues to remember for people in Prague?“. Armed with curiosity, the workshop participants entered the cobblestone streets to find out which dialogues were being remembered by the citizens of Prague.

Sofie, Czech Republic

Sofie from Prague (Photo: Private)

Do you remember a significant conversation that had a meaningful impact on your life?

Sofie: When I was eight or nine, my parents were getting a divorce. During this time, my dad approached me and told me that everything can always be solved. He also said that everything is about the angle from which you approach it and that nothing is as bad as it seems if you are optimistic.

What does this conversation mean to you now?

Sofie: I was in a very difficult situation at that time, so it had a long-term impact on me. Ever since this conversation, I always try to look at the more positive side of things. I am very grateful because everything is better if you look on the bright side, and I cherish this conversation.

What else do you remember about the conversation? 

Sofie: This conversation took place in our car on our way to see dad’s new apartment. I was sitting in the back of the car. It was late, and as I was crying, everything around me was blurred, and it was beautiful.



Jakob, Czech Republic (32) & Arthur, Brazil (27)

Arthur and Jakob with a friend in Prague (Photo: Private)

Do you remember a meaningful conversation that had an impact on your life?

Arthur: The decision to buy a flat here in Prague! Jakob and I needed to plan what we wanted for our future. Luckily, we both wanted to change where we lived.

What do you remember about this conversation? What kind of emotions did you have?

Arthur: I was afraid because it’s a decision for life. I tend to think more about the future than the present. It was a difficult decision because it’s not my ideal dream to live here long term. But I’m still happy I did it.

Jakob: It was a huge milestone and a scary decision to make. But also an exciting one; there is a lot of potential. Do you know this feeling when you have a math problem and there are multiple ways to solve it? And you don’t know which is the best one? It felt like that.

Did you feel relieved afterwards?

Jakob: Yeah, once the decision was made.

Arthur: But there is also a lot of weight that comes with the decision.

Jakob: And also a lot of potential and positive things!

Barbara, Czech Republic (22)

Barbara from Prague (Photo: Private)

Do you remember a significant conversation that had a meaningful impact on your life?

Barbara: I think the best conversations I’ve had were always with my best friend. We are very close, and I feel very safe talking to her about anything. We discuss values, spiritual matters, personal development, and emotions. These discussions help me a lot to understand myself and the people around me. For example, the last discussion we had was about childhood trauma. We talked about forgiveness and healing.

If you recall, where did this conversation take place?

Barbara: We had some tea and snacks and talked for several hours.

So you’ve probably found your soulmate in a friend form.

Barbara: Yes, we have known each other for a long time.

Magda (22), Czech Republic 

Magda (on the right) with a friend at the Voltova (Photo: Private)

Do you remember a meaningful conversation that impacted your life?

Magda: It’s not just one conversation, but generally, the conversations I have with my mom recently because this year is full of big and important changes. Sometimes it’s really hard to express my feelings, but my mom is always there for me.

Why do you feel like this?
Magda: I know that I can rely on her. That’s why it’s just her.

What are those changes?
Magda: I’m getting married in two weeks.

Lisa (31) and Freddy (34), Venezuela 

Freddy and Lisa from Venezuela (Photo: Private)

Do you remember a significant conversation that had a meaningful impact on your life?

Freddy: My life has changed a lot not because of a concrete conversation but because of situations. You know how it is in my country, Venezuela. I have lived through difficult situations and have been moving, and now I am here. Well, I can’t tell you any specific conversation, but I am with psychiatric doctors who help me.

Lisa: You feel more stable since you have arrived in the Czech Republic

Freddy: I feel more stable, better, more at ease.

So it wasn’t only a conversation but many small conversations that shaped you?

Freddy: Yes, I feel much better than I did a few months ago, but it has been a process with specialists.

What would you say to your old self?

Freddy: Many things. Of course, there are many things that I would like to have done better. But on the other hand, I also feel that things as they were have gone quite well. They were all experiences, after all, whether they were mistakes or not. So, in the end, I would tell myself: don’t be afraid. Go ahead. If you make a mistake, you’ll gain some new knowledge.