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Out of Europe

It is said, that travelling broadens the mind and the perspective on the world. We learn  a lot about ourselves during travels, when behaviour and customs we took for granted are confronted with a different view.

When Politics Come Alive – Going to bed with Trump and Clinton

In case you ever wondered how a European student of politics and philosophy feels like going to bed with Trump and Clinton or how he would cope with the election campaign craze in Washington, D. C., you can now find the ... (more)

Road of Bake Sales and Mountain Climbing Leads to Africa

Ashley from Wales will spend the next three months in Ilesha, Nigeria doing voluntary work. Before Ashley left Europe on June 12th we wanted to know, where his motivation of doing voluntary work in Africa comes from, wha... (more)

Divide and Rule

Setting up state systems based on ethnicity or race can have positive effects argued Martin on the example of Singapore. However, dividing a people accordingly can have severe consequences for the social cohesion too, af... (more)

Facing the Weird Teenage Angst… Again!

European in India. Self-reflection and critical thoughts on india stereotypes from the perspective of being a European Woman.

What can we Learn from Singapore? Lessons on Multiculturalism

While Martin spends a year in Singapore, he detects its key to social cohesion - how can multiculturalism work out?

China’s Right and Wrong

Our columnist Martin from Bulgaria is continuing his research of the Asian continent and culture. Check out his newest column inspired by his stay in China.

Of People and Identities

Martin is from Bulgaria, but for more than nine months he has been studying and living in Singapore and reflects on his own identity abroad.

European outside Europe. Part II

After some time living in India, Anete reconsiders her aloofness to European regulations but also finds inspiration its attitude towards love and family.

Out of Europe

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself", David Mitchell said. Do we need to get out of our house to find one's own European identity?

Young Europeans Dissatisfied with Performance of Foreign Policy Makers

An overwhelming majority of young Europeans feel uninformed about how decisions on EU foreign policy are made. The Europe & Me online magazine conducted a survey among more than 6,500 young Europeans to investigate t... (more)