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Day 5: Do you know anything about Domovoj?

I received this text from Jorge at 2.01 am, poor exploited volunteer…

Anton (Russia) would say: “Many people ask me: Anton, do you know anything about Domovoj?”In this case we didn’t know anything about Domovoj (who can change his faces, is made of chocolate bars and can reborn 10 times), but also we didn’t know anything about the interesting live and experiences of Lev Alexsandrovitch Netto, the prisoner of war.

It has been a very hard day for us and for Lev Alexsandrovitch. 6 hours of interview and it wasn’t enough time to ask him all the questions we had prepared. Kindly, he answered them being helped by an interpreter. It’s very difficult to sum up all that information but we got many unexpected answers.

At the beginning you can imagine some of them because maybe you could have seen something in a film for example, but I didn’t expected many answers, mainly about his time after the war in a Gulag and how was he treated by the Soviet Government (his country) in order to keep him in the camp like using torture (because they thought that he was a traitor). Something which impressed me was how people can change during a war and what he answered to the question “How did you feel about killing?”. It was “on that situation there are not social rules, you have to kill the enemy or he will kill you. Everything is like choreography, an orchestra”. Furthermore, it’s very disturbing when he tells how his friends were shot next to him and he stained of their blood and the difficult situations he lived before, during and after the war.

Anyways we have seen that Lev Alexsandrovitch is a very good person who doesn’t have any prejudices for people who took part on the war, and also, nowadays he only wants to leave in peace but at the same time, remember everybody that there were many POWs like him who weren’t recognized as soldiers who tried to defend his country but as a traitor, so we thank him for this unrepeatable opportunity to ask him about his life experiences and wish the best for him.

Now is time to go to bed, but remember: be careful whit Domovoj. He is staring at you during the night!