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Time to say good bye

With the Berlin academy, the last EUSTORY academy in 2011 has ended. So I give the word again to Jorge, for the last time this summer…:

Our last day started very relaxed. We commented satisfactorily the interview with Lev Alexandrovich; the results and his answers. Also, we had a conference with a representative of  the Fond “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ), which tries to compensate people affected during WWII because of the Nazi oppression.

I liked it very much because on my point of view, it was very realistic, the representative was very clear about the lack of money and they are aware that in many cases, trying to compensate the suffering of a person who, for example spent four years in a concentration camp is derisory. Anyway, money is symbolic and the most important thing is the recognition of the fault by government and the companies which form the foundation.

Our last work was developing a project in order to find a way of compensation to war prisoners. We had very good ideas, but finally all of them are utopias. The government of the involved countries are the responsible for finding a compensation for this people.

After staying all together during the night writing letters to each other, we decided that it was time to show the typical dances of our countries. Anton began (despite not having boots, hair hat and sable) with Cossack dances. It was very funny!

We continue with dances from Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland… in our case we taught how to dance Pasodoble (easier than Flamenco). I have to say that Manolo Escobar, our most famous Pasodoble Singer, would be proud of everybody. Furthermore, Oliver and Caro are prepared to go to Spain and dance it!!!!

We were exhausted of dancing so some of watched a film, others continue writing letters to everybody, taking our last photos together and inviting everybody to our countries.

I would have continued there but my body was begging going to sleep.

Time to say goodbye:

Next morning was strange. Everybody knew that we were living our last moments together. After many hugs and farewells it was time to go. A bus was waiting for us, so short time after we were on the entry to the airport. We stared each other, said goodbye and hoping meeting again in our lives despite knowing that we live too far in different countries.

After delays and trains, I arrive to Spain at 18:00.

I have to thank the wonderful team we had. It has been an unforgettable experience. Tina, Frank, Pieter, thank you again. I hope see you again. You were very good with us, so we are very glad to had you as supervisors.

I recommend everybody going to a Eustory Academy. On this experience, I have met people (now friends) from over Europe, and also worked in a very interesting topic on a different way as usual in school. Thanks to this and other similar experiences, it has been the greatest summer in my life.

Thank you very much.