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“I’ve been looking for…”: On the traces of the ruling powers in Germany

The 5th day morning was a bit different than others – besides of having a longtime night chats, nobody was tired but  excited. 25 artist (with their main composer: Leah and write:  Sofie) prepared a small surprise for our beloved Tina. In spite of fact that almost everybody has a sore throat (our Eustory illness was spread from Czech Republic and Slovakia to the rest of the group) we did our best to sing our song as loudly as possible. “Mrs Hosselhoff” (Tina) was impressed that she has so creative children “from across Europe (and Africa!)”. In a good mood we started our work,
Todays topic was “peaceful risings and velvet revolutions”. The work time was opened by presentation prepared by Dr. Andrea Despot Then we started discussion based on examples of velvet revolutions from the history of participants’ countries. We realized that non-violent revolutions have a great power. It  was our shortest discussion because we had to prepare to journey to Bundestag.
It took us almost half an hour spent in the bus singing stupid and senseless songs. We entered the building of a German parliament , passed security (with some problems caused by pocket knives) and went to the roof terrace. Remember that on the roof of Bundestag “you are not allowed to sit on the ground”   and eat you lunch from a paper  bag. After taking some pictures from Bundestag roof (and eating our lunch on the ground) we went into the building. We were shown around the parliament in a very interesting way by our guide.
Next point in our program was a tour-guide around Berlin. Probably the most interesting part was visit of Jews Memorial. The way of remembrance raised among us a long discussion if it was right way to remember the Holocaust.
When we came back to the Academy we found out one of the biggest problems of this week- our pharmacy (Carla) and our dealer (Magdalena) did not have more medicine and pills! The Academy was full of coughing people with running noses.
Actually it was our last night which we were going to spend all together so we enjoyed last of our “chocolate parties”. This night all chats lasted much longer than usually. Difficult moment were waiting for our amazing group next day.

Kristina and Magdalena