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YA Berlin 2012

Berlin 2012: The “After Movie”

I really regret that we didn’t work with media during this academy, the potential and the motivation was clearly there. Andreas from Belgium produced this photo show to pay tribute to the whole group and the except... (more)

No complaints!

25 young Europeans from 13 different countries met; and 1 weeks in 2 different cities, 1 fable, 2 songs, 3 videos, uncountable group work sessions, simulations, discussions, potatoe dinners later: an inseparable group of... (more)

Speaking for myself: After the academy is before the academy…

Yesterday I’ve said good bye to the participants of the academy in Berlin 2012 and tomorrow I will already welcome 25 young Europeans to Tallinn. So I’m now on my journey with mixed feelings but want to say a... (more)

Success: more questions than answers…

The last day began with a goodbye as Nadia was the first participant to depart from the academy . We stood in the reception area to wish her goodbye and promise to meet again. Following breakfast we began our discussion ... (more)

“I’ve been looking for…”: On the traces of the ruling powers in Germany

The 5th day morning was a bit different than others – besides of having a longtime night chats, nobody was tired but  excited. 25 artist (with their main composer: Leah and write:  Sofie) prepared a small surprise ... (more)

Not spoiling the broth*: Day 4 in Berlin

It was probably the sun and the tasty breakfast that gave this morning a special kick. Going into the garden for our third warm-up ‘social gathering’ we noticed there was some new feeling of connection between us and eve... (more)

We are Welshmen in Berlin…: Delayed Day 2

After finishing our Starbucks on Alexanderplatz, our international family began our caffeine fueled cycling tour. Splitting into two groups, with each being led by a British guide (with one happening to be another Welshm... (more)

Third time lucky: Day 3 in Berlin from a Belgian perspective

Personating a broken toaster, James Bond, a mixer or an island may not seem like the most obvious beginning of the day, but here in Berlin it’s starting to feel familiar! What seemed to become a very peaceful and q... (more)

The Eustory experience continues: Day 2 in Berlin

The amazing David Hasselhoff couldn’t have been more proud today to hear he’s still so popular in the streets of Berlin. What started off as a regular day in the German capital for its four million inhabitants, turned ou... (more)

Mix and match! The exchange mission

First day in Berlin, some of our participants have already arived yesterday and of course we didn’t want to give them just the morning off. So we sent them out on a mission. 4 groups, 4 destinations, 1 aim: exchang... (more)

People and Power – Power over People? Young Europeans discussing the dimensions of power in Berlin

We may be a little late to call it ‘Summer Academy’, especially when looking out of my window at the rain falling down, but since it is our first seminar this year… But maybe  I stick to the weathe... (more)