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Third time lucky: Day 3 in Berlin from a Belgian perspective

Personating a broken toaster, James Bond, a mixer or an island may not seem like the most obvious beginning of the day, but here in Berlin it’s starting to feel familiar! What seemed to become a very peaceful and quiet Sunday, turned out to be a day full of heavy discussion, finished by a lovely concert in the nearby church.

After our slightly funny warm-up, we began the day with a panel discussion, including several lectures about different sorts of power. After these short lectures, the whole group was able to ask the speakers some questions. Seen the large amount of question asked to Melissa Eddy (the Berlin correspondent for the International Herald Tribune), it seemed to be that “The fourth power”, aka the media, interested us the most.

Hot discussions in the garden

Having eaten a light lunch, we were asked to get involved! A group discussion about the characteristics of powerful people, inspired by all Eustorians telling about powerful (historic) personalities in their own countries, brought up new definitions of “power”. But the best was yet to come! The afternoon session resumed with a question Tina asked (this time not about the amazing David Hasselhoff): who is the most powerful person in the world? But no one expected this “random” question to turn into the biggest discussion since the start of the Academy. Today we learned that apparently “power” is hard to define and that pizza gets cold very quickly! We decided to have dinner and possibly continue tomorrow.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Sofie and Andreas

The Belgian Blog team: Sofie

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