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Day 3 in Berlin: SS, concentration camp, a broken toaster and a little of freedom (strange combination).

Even though Jorge was completely exhausted, as you could read in the Blog of the first day, he volunteered again to write… So, Jorge again:

It has been a very interesting day today! After taking three trains, three buses (and a flight if it was necessary) we finally arrived to Sachsenhausen memorial.

(Well, before writing anything more, I have to say that some rumors have arrived here due to people say that Tina is exploiting us. That is NOT true. We only need some oxygen masks to survive)

After that subsection (the truth is that today we can’t complain about anything because they have given us free time) let explain today’s experience:

Enterin the concentration camp Sachsenhausen

We have been in a concentration camp in Sachsenhausen, close to Berlin.

The experience is rare because it was very interesting (I think that was one of the best experiences of the seminary) and a “history treasure” that we have to preserve in order to not making the same mistakes in the future, but at the same time it’s very depressant and sad. Anyways, thanks to our guide who was very didactical (he must be mentally exhausted because of talking every day about gas rooms, crematoriums, morgues, dead people and war crimes) we could know more about that topic and also about Soviets POWs who were murdered during the period 1941-1945. 

After that we only needed three trains more, a tram and a bus to arrive again to our second general quarter, the museum of Karlshorst.

After our lunch, James Bond’s girls, an elephant, a mixer and a couple of toasters came into play (if you don’t know what is it the best thing you can do,  come to a Eustory Youth Academy!). Then, work again.

We read and commented three Soviet POWs’ letter in order to get some conclusions about their feelings of Germans and Soviets. It was a surprise that they didn’t feel angry with German people because for them it was no matter of nationality but ideology.

At the end of the day: FREEDOM!!!

We have been buying some souvenirs and visiting the most famous places in Berlin, but now is time to eat our provisions from “Dunkin Donught” and go to sleep.

Tomorrow more again!