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Day 6: A day to savour

We spent our last day working in Bad Scuol. In the morning, we were separated into four groups and had to roleplay a debate between various organisations on whether or not McDonalds is allowed to branch out in the Engadine Valley.

The debate was taken really seriously and hard work was put into it. The parties involved were McDonalds, Animal rights, Tourism committee and the Farmers Council, also, there were two representatives of the local authority that in the end decided not to let McDonalds bring their fountain of grease to the Engadine.

After a heated debate, three new groups were made in order to prepare the final presentations. We also got to swim in the Therme and had an extended lunchbreak to do some final souvenir shopping. In the afternoon, work continued on the presentations and after dinner in the Youth Hostel, we headed back to Bad Scuol for our final presentations. The first group performed an interview between tv hosts and a farmer and his cow from Engadine. The second group had invented a game about the academy, we had to answer various questions about Scuol, our teamers and farming. Everyone enjoyed playing the game. The third group also had a play that integrated every, now legendary, character we met during the academy : Lucius, the cheese boss, the Incredible kid, Wassermeister, the water gymnastics instructor, a sausage, a tourist, the farmer, Mr. Grimm and the hopeless translator.

When we had finished our presentations, we were handed our certificates and had many hugs; later we were back at the Youth Hostel to have a night when no one was doing any more crossword puzzles but drinking lots and lots of coffee and Coke, talking, laughing and playing Charade until we had to pack our bags.