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Day 7: Until next time, Eustorians!

Since we didn’t really go to bed the previous night, it’s hard to draw a line between where the academy ended and this new day began. Probably somewhere between cleaning the mess on the ground floor and taking a shower. Flavio was the first one to leave, because he had to be picked up by his parents, while all the others left for Zurich on train . The train ride was far too quick, the moment of separating the group  came way too early. In Zurich, those who had daytime flights left for the airport, while others stayed in the city to have a look around. The goodbye was full of tears. We had become so close in that one week that it hurt to hug a dear comrade for the last time of what may be a very long time.

So, our wonderful academy has come to an end! We’re not exaggerating when we are saying that it was one of the funniest times of our lives. We had to work a lot, most days it felt like we were contestants in the Amazing Race but no matter what we were doing or where we were, we always found amusement in everything and were lauged until we found we had muscles in our stomachs we didn’t know existed. We shall take back home with us all the great times we had, all the jokes, all the thousands of pictures and, with them, all the nice memories. And we shall not disappear from each other’s lives –  the world is small. We shall meet again. Until next time, Eustorians!