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Grazia Scuol… Your celebrities :-)

We all had a great time in Scuol and the other villages of the Lower  Engadine, like Ftan, Lavin, Vná, Tschlin and all the others. All the people were very open, friendly and hospitable. So we want to give Scuol a memory of our stay there – apart from this blog.

Three of our “local celebrities”, Germán, Anna and Milos were portaited in a regional newspaper. If you want to read it, go ahead, it’s  here, and it is written in Rhaeto-Romanic. 🙂

The whole group was very proud and showed their admiration – in public!

Grazia fitg ed a revairs!

Anna, Dorotea, Flavio, Friedrich, German, Ginta, Ilmars, Jane, Katharina, Lory, Laura, Mare, Martyna, Miloš, Nicole, Rebecca, Sofia, Slavomira, Tatiana and Tina