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There and back again, A Eustorian’s Tale by Ola

Yes. So today we went to the supposedly most beautiful school in Estonia. Again. For the fourth school in a row. The only difference was perhaps that this day I can impartially and partially say that it actually was true. This one even served rice!

While being in a completely euphoric state due to the warmly welcomed potato shortage, I was still able to maintain focus on the topic related conversation. Democracy during crisis, voting age and the value of young voices in politics were debated and different levels of participation were discussed. Fun, informative and emotional.

It is with a sad face that I forcedly say goodbye to Tartu. Of course Peter the giant hostel spider will always keep his spot in my heart. I pick Tartu over Tallinn every day of the week. Back in the capital, we went to have dinner at a wonderful restaurant in an old factory building, during which a real storm began outside, making our return to the hostel a very wet one.

Yours sincerely,

Ola from Sweden