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Second day: How is the fate of POWs commemorated today?

The Blogger of today is Ilze from Latvia and I really appreciate her iron will to write a short text after that stressfull day we had, exploring the German-Russian-Museum in Karlshorst, visiting the Memorial Schöneweide and following a lecture about the camp life of Soviet POWs. Not to mention fighting the public transport in Berlin… So here comes Ilze:

Today was really interesting day, full of impressions and new experience, quite unusual start for a week. Most of us woke up a bit tired, because of the talking almost until the midnight, but during the day everyone was full of energy and great ideas.

Today we went to Karlshorst, where we worked in groups and analyzed the exhibition in there. It was interesting to see something which was made by Germany and Soviet Union together.

In my opinion the most fascinating thing was that we visited Schóneweide memorial (forced labor camp). In there I felt a little bit strange. It was hard to really imagine that people were living there, fighting for their lives, starving and suffering from never-ending fears.

This day made to think deeper about POWs and life in WWII. It was a serious but nice day.

I am so happy that I can be here with all these young people from so different places of Europe. The atmosphere here is just great and I am totally enjoying that.