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Love or Religion? The eternal dilemma

What was life like in the 19th century in a small multi-religiuos town from the Balkans? Since this morning our Eustorians already know that. They all spent the morning playing their special parts in an astonishing role play called Balkania. Our participants formed three religious  communities that had to overcome their differences and prejudices in order to live in peace and harmony. Of course they had one major problem to solve and that was the marriage between partners of different religions. All the possibilities and consequences it could bring were analysed in order to find the optimal solution. Discussing that topic without even knowing they made a bridge to what was expecting them in the late afternoon – a meeting with a non-typical couple.

Mr and Mrs  Hodzhevi, both doctors and lecturers in Plovdiv university, kindly shared information about their family. She is a Jew and he has Turkish origins. Everyone had the opportunity to ask a question about their everyday life, the religious holidays they celebrate, the things they believe in, as well as the moral herritage they are passing on to their children.

In the meantime – betweeen the role play and the meeting – some prep work was done. Tomorrow will be the day in which we will become researchers and journalists while walking the streets of multicultural Plovdiv. Of course, we already know the questions that we are going to ask but that’s actually pretty confidential. For today! Be online tomorrow and you will get all the spicy details! 🙂