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It’s worth its weight in gold

Thursday started with a raining morning, but there was no time to think about how not to get wet. It was the day when we starting discovering different religious communities and overcoming some religious myths. Research was also on the top of the list in order to gain as much material as possible for the final presentation. So when we finished our breakfast we left the hotel in 4 groups, guided by the students from Plovdiv. 5 hours later, when we met again, each group had a rich experience to share. We will give you a quick insight from the 4 groups, a preview before we will publish the information within the virtual museum, starting now with the )Orthodox church. Anna, Carmine, Sofia and Marta went out on the rainy streets of Plovdiv to find out more about the Orthodox Church. SS Constantine and Elena and Virgin Mary churches surprised them with their golden icons, colorful decoration and impressive iconostases. Since the Orthodox were celebrating St. Petvka’s holiday, there was no representative of the Church to be found for an interview. The problem was solved by interviewing the two young guides from Plovdiv, who had different points of view regarding religion. Today’s excursion also included a visit to an ethnographic museum, which had an array of interesting displays of traditional clothing and tools.