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From a cup of good mood to a deserved dessert

Good morning Guys, it is time for your morning coffee! We are having our cup of good mood in our World Cafe and now we are ready to start sharing some experience on how to join a Youth Academy. What motivated us? What topics did we choose? What difficulties did we met? Was it worth doing it? – plenty of questions found their answers. During this process we found out that we have much more in common than we thought and suddenly we became friends ready to explore the city and get to know its religious diversity.

Thumbs up – we are ready for work

After a quick lunch we headed to the first stop of our program for today. You would never believe how many different groups of Jews there are! After an interesting talk with president of the Bulgarian Jewish organization in the central synagogue in Sofia we learned a lot and we could tell you lot, but that is a long story.If you are interested in further information  feel free to contact the Eustory youngsters who are in Sofia now.

Meeting with Maxim Benvenisti in the synagogue

But Jane who is helping us tonight is kind of in a hurry to as much as possible and exchanging information is the best way. Two heads think better than one. Two groups can see more than one. So let’s get divided and take a look at the temples of different religions. Some visited the Mosque, others went into Orthodox churches but finally we were all together again.

A cozy room and a team of professionals gathered us in the Bulgarian National Library. There we had the chance to see many unique and quite old (16th century!) manuscripts with pictures, covered with gold. Nikola was a little bit sad after the lecture: “I probably would’ve read the Serbian manuscript if they hadn’t moved them so fast” 🙂 The meeting went on with a presentation of the different minorities in Bulgaria during the centuries, which was held by Prof. Ivanova – a history teacher in Sofia University. The discussion was so interesting that we continued it during our dinner in a nice restaurant. You have to admit: a well done job deserves a delicious dessert. 🙂