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YA Brussels 2011

Minority stories IX: A life changing moment

Today we had an interview with a very special woman Quyen Truong Thi. She is 39 and she is from Vietnam. Now she lives in Brussels because she thinks that this city is the best for everything. She says that people in Bru... (more)

Minority stories VIII: A fairytale that became a reality

Today, we – Tony (Bulgaria), Francesca (Italy) and Aleksandra (Poland) – interviewed Katarzyna Sawicesa – a Polish woman who came to Brussels when she was 20 and is still living there. She took a chance in 19... (more)

Minority stories VII: “Africa is where my heart belongs”

Britta (Estonia), Enja (Norway) and Krista (Finland) interviewed a Rwandan woman, Marie-Pierre, 44, who moved to Belgium to study for an university degree because she was unable to attend a Rwandan university due to her ... (more)

Minority stories V: Chinese minorities in Brussels – interviewing Chan Chi How

Britta (Estonia), Sanni (Finland) and Yolanda (Spain) went to Anderlecht for their interview: Our assignment to study chinese minorities in Brussels, led us to the house of Chan Chi How, situated in Anderlecht. Mr. How i... (more)

Minority stories IV: A Polish woman in the city of tolerance

Aleksandra (Poland), Gabriele (Italy) and Ilona (Latvia) went to the European Comission to interview Aleksandra Hedb from Silesia (a Polish mining region). She was born near the border with Czech Republic so she has been... (more)

Visiting Bois du Caziers: 55 years after the mine tragedy

Today the Eustory-group went on a trip to southern Belgium, Vallonia, to visit and see the great canal systems and the museum of the former coalmine ‘Le Bois du Cazier’ . We first got on the bus and drove to ... (more)

Minoritiy stories III: The Italian experience

The Italian experience Think about having Belgium, Slovenia, Romania, Italy and Rwanda in the same room: that is what happen in the case of Bo (Belgium), Cristina (Romania) and Mateja (Slovenia): Two mixed stories and tw... (more)

Minority stories II: The history and future of a Belgo-Congolese

A summary of the  interview with Augistin Nkenda by Enja (Norway), Victoria (Switzerland) and Zlatina (Bulgaria): The meeting with Nkenda was a meeting with a passionate man who has managed to keep his values and traditi... (more)

Discovering the life of minorities No 1: A cafeteria experience…

We formed six groups that headed to different parts of Brussels to speak to members of different communities. You can read the summaries of the interviews here on the blog, starting with: Anna from Slovenia, Francesca fr... (more)

How much should one integrate? The ABC of minorities

After a really short night – the last participants arrived at 1 am – and a brief get-to-know-each other we moved from our nice accommodation to the centre of to Brusseles, to the museum BELvue which is our wo... (more)

Coming up next: First EUSTORY academy 2011

More than 180 ethnic minorities are living in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and of the European Union. They come from all over the world, bringing their cultural backgrounds with them. Some families have been living h... (more)