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Minority stories IX: A life changing moment

Today we had an interview with a very special woman Quyen Truong Thi. She is 39 and she is from Vietnam. Now she lives in Brussels because she thinks that this city is the best for everything. She says that people in Brussels are very nice and helpful.
She told us that in 1981 her father came to Brussels with notorious Vietnamesse boat people (poor people, who want to have a better life and they are travelling with boat to other country). After 5 years, when Quyen was 15, he bring his family to Brussels. She had to start her life from the beginning, she was talking totaly different language, she had different traditions, culture and religion. Her words touched us very much, esspecialy when she told us that she was crying all day. For her was very hard to start a totaly new life. But without people who were living here in Brussels it would be more harder than it was. So she is very thankfull and very proud that she is here with all those nice people. When she was only 25, she opened a little shop and than a little typical asian restaurant, which was very famous because people liked her food and her very much. Than some customers convinced her that she must open bigger restaurant, so she made a bigger restaurant with a totaly different asian design.
Now she has a totaly different life. She has very beautiful life and she is not poor like she and her family was before. She is a very nice person who wants to help anyone.
Ana reflects: “For me this conversation was the biggest experience since I am here, especially because she is a very positive and strong person. If she wants something, nothing will not stop her because of her diligence.” and Yolanda adds: “There is always a moment that change your life, for me it was the interview with  Quyen because she has taught me that if you want to do somenthing and you have a dream nothing must stop you because if you work hard everything is possible.