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Discovering the life of minorities No 1: A cafeteria experience…

We formed six groups that headed to different parts of Brussels to speak to members of different communities. You can read the summaries of the interviews here on the blog, starting with:

Anna from Slovenia, Francesca from Italy and Liva from Latvia interviewed Malika Abbad from Marocco.

We were talking about her personal experience with migrations and minorities in Brussels. She has very important job here in Brussels, she is an adviser equality of chances in cooperation with a members of a government. When she was 6, she moved with her family from her birth place Morocco to Brussels in Belgium. During the interview we found out her experience since then and the things she had to face after she moved to another country with very different culture, traditions and lifestyle. The most interesting thing for us was that the Belgian people at the moment of her arrival were very helpful and didn’t have problems with immigrants but now that attitude changed. She and we too were surprised about that development. This interview was a really interesting experience for us because Malika gave us some themes on which reflect and think about.

Liva from Latvia: “I thought that it was really interesting for her to get to know how the life is for the people who live in foreign countries with inhabitants which have very different perspective of life.”

Francesca from Italy added: ” I was impressed that Malika, even if she is so well integrated and married a Flemish man, wants her children to know Morocco culture and have her surname, too.I also enjoyed the environment where the interview was, such a typical place as  the cafeteria of the Comic strips.”

Ana from Slovenia: “I liked especially during the interview with Malika that I had a chance to talk with somebody who has found her way of life in a society which has very different culture, language, traditions and lifestyle.”