Memory Suitcase

A Memory Suitcase is something that every one of us has: a real physical suitcase, an old shoe box or in our minds. It contains objects, images and other items we collect in the course of our life and they become a symbol of our very personal history. What is in your Memory Suitcase?

War in Ukraine

For young Ukrainians, war has become a constant companion long before 2022…


Two girls in front of a red brick building

Graduating High School – in Times of War

Even in peaceful times, graduating high school and starting a new chapter in life can be a stressful experience. But how does it feel to graduate when your country is at war? This is what our author M...

Memorial of Independence in Kyiv, Ukraine

Life and Hope in the Age of Crisis – Experiences of 4 Young Ukrainians

The recent past in the Ukraine was marked by several crises, interrupted by short periods of well-being. Taras Oleksyn p...

A New Meaning to an Old Book

I was twelve years old. And I clearly remember the MI-24 combat attack helicopter flying over our garden, which for me s...

Travelling Nowhere

Olexandr grew up in Sverdlovsk, a small mining town close to the Russian border. When war reached his hometown on June 2...

Where Were You When… the War in Ukraine Began in 2014?

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is back on the international agenda.On a political level, we can trace all the s...

The Return of War

We are watching the ongoing wars in Ukraine and Israel/Gaza in horror. We stand with our colleagues, partners, and alumni in these countries, and with all people who are suffering as a result of military operations. We will not cease to promote transnational collaboration and to share history, historical narratives and memories across borders – our glimmer of hope for a peaceful future.

EUSTORY Summit 2023

Time to talk!  About history and its legacies, about identities, about worries related to a gruelling war in Europe, but also about visions for a peaceful future. 100 young Europeans did so at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit in Prague.


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How does the past affect us and our perception of the present? A glance at the power of history.


Football fans waving the German flag

Football, Flags & Feeling German

Germany's relationship with patriotism? Complicated. During football tournaments, it has become a tradition to fight over the German flag. Our EUSTORY History Campus authors Marlene and Yannis asked y...

Two women standing near the Vltava river, smiling.

Voices from the Vltava: Dialogues to Remember

In Autumn 2023, the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit took place under the motto "Dialogues to Remember". In the heart of t...

Love Across the Sound

In July 2000, a bridge of 8km length between two countries was opened. After centuries of separation by sea, the Øresund...

#LivingBelgium: A Country With Multiple Personalities

How come Belgium spent nearly two years without a government? Does a Belgian identity really exist? Is a life without Fr...

The author and her friend praying in the Rocky Mountains.

Clash of Cultures: A German Girl in the American Midwest

Different views on religion can harbour potential for conflict. Our author Marlene from Germany declares herself an athe...


A collapse with consequences: In 1991, the Soviet Union officially dissolved. Perspectives on a turning point and its legacies.


Radicalisation, Populism, Nationalism: Are we drifting apart?
Campaign billboard

From Peace to Populism: How Serbia Became an Outlier

Serbia at the crossroads: Uncertain times are fertile ground for autocrats and populism. This is what Petar and his peer...

Polish Populism Plague

The Polish law students Witold Janas and Marek Kaczmarczyk sum up what happened with the Polish judi...

My Life Without A National Identity

Maria from Sweden wonders whether all this hostility in the debates about how the respective nationa...

A Memory you can Wear

Jonas from Denmark ponderes the question which item carries the most meaning and memories of his own...

Fake or Real? The Media in the Era of ›Post Truth‹

Participants of the Workshop "Fake or Real?" explore media in the era of ›post truth‹ and trained to...