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Migration: An Over-National Responsibility

Camilla Crovella, a young Italian, calls for solidarity and a comprehensive reform of the European approach to refugees.

European Opportunity Gone Wrong: Polish Troops in Germany?!

Explore the forgotten history of a Polish occupation zone in post-WWII Germany in Haren an der Ems. And why should we remember it?

Identity – the Magic Word of our Days?

The Balticeye-exhibition displays visual impressions by young Europeans on history and identity. One participant, Maria Zatoplyaeva from Kaliningrad explains why European identity is diverse.

All of a sudden, the homeland was gone – the legacy of World War I for Slovenia

In connection with the HistoryCampus Europe 14/14 in Berlin, young Europeans from 40 different countries dealt with the legacy of the Great War for their countries and for themselves. Tamara Čakič from Slovenia want... (more)

Shifting borders – Changing Lives

2014 marks the Centenary of the First World War, a war that changed Europe as it was and had huge consequences for millions of people. Once great and extensive multinational empires slowly shrank in the course of history... (more)

“I have the feeling that certain borders and boundaries, that were torn down in history are being built again”, Tamara about feeling European in times of crisis and her idea of a united Europe

Name: Tamara Age: 22 Hometown: Maribor Country: Slovenia EUSTORY experiences: Berlin 2009, Minsk 2010, Internet seminar – Chernobyl 2010/11, Berlin 2011, Madrid 2011. Actual occupation/studies: 4th year of International ... (more)