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When a facial expression says more than words… We ask people about their thoughts on “what if?”-scenarios and controversial issues, ranging from utopian to realistic, and capture their reactions with GIFS. Take a look!

What if … you were drafted to defend your country tomorrow?

Over one hundred years ago, many of our ancestors couldn´t wait to fight for their country. Some even volunteered to go to the front. With the memory of two world wars and countless military conflicts, the attitude towards defending your country as a soldier might have changed. We asked participants of the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit how they would react if they were drafted to defend their cou...

What If… You Woke up 30 Years Ago in a Communist Regime?

What if... you woke up 30 years ago in a communist regime? How would you react?

What if… European Borders Closed?

If all the European borders closed, how would you react? We asked people during a workshop in Hamburg in 2016 and this is their reactions. Now in 2020, borders within Europe are closing to stop people from spreading the corona virus. While we still hope that this too will pass soon, we still wonder: Is the European freedom of movement over? The dreams of travellers and opportunities for young peop...