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What if … You Were Drafted to Defend Your Country Tomorrow?

Photo: Körber-Stiftung/Pavel Franzusov

Over one hundred years ago, many of our ancestors couldn´t wait to fight for their country. Some even volunteered to go to the front. With the memory of two world wars and countless military conflicts, the attitude towards defending your country as a soldier might have changed. We asked participants of the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit how they would react if they were drafted to defend their country now.

Jani, Finland

Jani from Finland. (GIF: Milena Tatalovic)

„War Time!“ would be the Finnish reaction, because our defence mentality is so strong. For example, once a week we all eat pea soup, which is typical of the army. In Finland, serving in the army is like paying taxes, and if you refuse to, you can get a prison sentence.

Simona, Slowakia

Simona from Slovakia. (GIF: Milena Tatalovic)

Oh, I honestly don´t know what I would do, the situation would make me want to cry. I would probably not desert or leave the country. Maybe I would try to get help from my friends. So, I´d stay and also try to protect my friends and family.

Amit, Israel

Amit from Israel. (GIF: Milena Tatalovic)

I´m in the army now, so if I had to defend my country I would, because in my country it´s mandatory. I wouldn´t have to fight in the field, but my friends would have to, which is really scary. It would be a very complicated situation, since I don´t like being forced to join the military.

Laura, Spain

Laura from Spain. (GIF: Milena Tatalovic)

I´d probably be scared, but I think I´d still go, because even though I wouldn´t like fighting in a war, it would mean having an important role in a historical event. As a historian, I´d like to experience a war to know what it´s like.

Cian, Ireland

Cian from Ireland. (GIF: Milena Tatalovic)

I wouldn´t fight in a war if I didn´t agree with its cause. If they tried to force me, I´d even go to prison. The only thing I feel strongly enough to fight for is Irish independence.

Sofia, USA

Sofia from the US. (GIF: Milena Tatalovic)

I´d probably go to a different country, because I would never fight for the United States, especially as long as Trump is the president. The only reason I´m American is because I was born there, but my parents aren´t from the US and, actually, I have no ties to it.

Aleksandr, Russia

Aleksandr from Russia. (GIF: Milena Tatalovic)

I hope that never happens, because I hate violence. Also, because we have nuclear weapons, which would cause unspeakable destruction.