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What if… Trump Becomes the US President

The U.S. Election are held today, and to many people both main candidates are far from qualified to lead the American nation. Hillary Clinton caught a storm of critique for using her private server to host government emails. And with bigotry and racial slurs, her opponent Donald Trump has kept people and other countries in disbelief of what “the land of the free” has come to.

History Campus had people all over Europe and one in the U.S. capture the reactions of people, if Donald Trump becomes President this November. The reactions are shown in our format “What-if-GIFs”.

What-if-gif: Adelina photo Adelina.gif

Adelina, 18, Bulgaria

“A Trump presidency would be a capital offence to the progress society has made in the fight for freedom and equality, and an insult to all people, striving to be better human beings every day.”

Livio, 27, Italy photo LivioCut.gif

Livio, 27, Italy

“I reacted in this way, because I absolutely did not expect Donald Trump to become the next American President.”


What-if-gif: Katja photo Katja.gif

Katja, 18, Slovenia

“I would just start laughing in disbelief. I would not believe that the nation had chosen its own downfall.”


Samuli, 19, Finland photo video-1477837206.gifSamuli, 19, Finland

“[I would do] Nothing – or I would cry. I don’t think it would affect me yet if Trump did become the next president, but in the future it would affect me. I think it would affect the future of the entire world.”

Felicity, 25, Scotland photo Felicity.gif

Felicity, 25, Scotland

“I’ve reacted this way because I feel Donald Trump doesn’t have the best interested for the people. He seems to get away with loutish “playboy” behaviour which is damaging to everyone.”