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What If… You Woke up 30 Years Ago in a Communist Regime?

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The young participants of our last History Camp came up with yet another interesting question on their backpacking tour through the three out of four Visegrad states. Namely, they wondered about people’s reaction to the following situation: “What if… you woke up 30 years ago in a communist regime? How would you react?”

At the “Backpacking Visegrad” History Camp we are, among other things, also on the path of discovering diverse aspects of communist times. Consequently, we got interested into learning what people in the Czech capital, Prague, have to say about this topic. We posed them an interesting question: “What if… you woke up 30 years ago in a communist regime? How would you react?”

Happy communist times

Nilgeau, 60


“I would be happy and enjoying the time.”

Disappointing travel back in time

Askar, 33


“If I would wake up 30 years ago I would be disappointed. I was born in Russia where communist regime was still existing. I still have memories from the childhood. I would be really disappointed.”

Impressive communist experience

Teymar, 26


“It is difficult to imagine, because the Soviet union already disintegrated when I was born. It would be interesting, impressive to experience that time. I would be really excited.”

Oh no…

Katarina, 23

Czech Republic

“I would be sad, because I love traveling and the communist regime did not allow you to travel. So I would not like it at all.”

Back to youth

Evelyn and her husband, 52


“No plan! I would not know what to do. We do not know much about communism, but it surely would be nice to come back to young years.”

 Waking up to a nightmare

Bernard, 65


“This is such a difficult question. I think I would not be comfortable.”

Burham, 70


“I would be really unhappy, like really really unhappy.”