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Europe, How Do You Deal With History Cast In Stone?

The statue of Joseph Stalin, built in the 90’s in Tkviavi Village, Gori Municipality, Georgia (Photo: Private)

What to do with monuments when the historical context changes? Should they be removed, re-contextualised, or, on the contrary, should we preserve them as a painful reminder of the events that took place decades or centuries ago?

We, the Editors’ team, took a closer look at some monuments which are subject to current debates in our home countries. Some of them are just behind the corner, having been overlooked or left without any attention for decades before they got into the spotlight recently. The objects of controversy vary – from the name of a reputable university, to the natural process of reappraising the figure or event of the monument years after. Revising history is never an easy task – especially when we deal with problematic remnants of the past in today’s multicultural societies.