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Memory Suitcase

History only happens in politics? Here, we make history personal! A Memory Suitcase is something that every one of us has: a real physical suitcase, an old shoe box or in our minds. It contains objects, images or memories we collect, which became part of our personal history. 

Ticket Down Memory Lane

How many times you wished to throw away all those little things on your shelves that you collected? The ones that only “sits” there and gather dust? But when you reach for them you remember a story, a person ... (more)

The Sound of Childhood

Grandma’s old record player and a collection of vinyl records, encompassing variety of genres, from poems, operas to pop songs, gave sound to Elena’s early childhood in Russia. And how does a memory of your c... (more)

If You Could Bring Back One Item from the Times of Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (CSSR) What Would It Be and Why?

However unpleasant the circumstances, there will always be people who would be proponents of the past, whatever the regime or the political system at that time. This seems to be the case especially in post-communist coun... (more)

A Desert Rose – new Memory Suitcase

Memory Suitcase took a couple of months of vacation, but only to come back to you fresher and more interesting than ever! We made a new, warmer and more welcoming guise for all your memories. And since writings and pictu... (more)

Memory Suitcase: The Virtue of Lists

Have you ever considered a list a valuable item on a desert island? No?! Željka from Serbia shares her personal lists with you and most importantly; the reason why making lists is of value to future generations. Finding ... (more)

The Taste of Holiday: From Finish Christmas to Israeli Hanukkah Dessert Recipes

For the end of the year we have a special Memory Suitcase for you. It is filled with cookies, cakes and personal stories from all over Europe.

Memory Suitcase: The Grandma’s Book Club

Can we find a recipe for overcoming emotional turmoil and cognitive difficulties in a simple children’s book? How can an old illiterate granny succeed where an educated psychologist failed? Ruben reveals how books bring ... (more)

Memory Suitcase: What a Japanese Hairpin has Taught Me

When Varenka first opened the elegant box, she didn't imagine how the object inside could change her understanding of personal connections.

Mr. Bug Goes to Town (photo: www.flickr.com)

Memory Suitcase: Bugs, Greens and Video Tapes

What connects a childhood in wartime Yugoslavia with the cartoon of a little grasshopper in Manhattan? Milan dives into childhood memories.

Memory Suitcase: one Rosary, two Memories

Gregor from germany describes a rosary that became a symbol of an emancipated woman before it developed into a symbol of eternal family love.

Memory Suitcase: Tunes With a Story

Do you know the proverb “The heavier the luggage the easier the journey”? Anna from Finland moved several times, at times accompanied by the piano of her mother, a story she shares here.


Memory Suitcase: Unity in the hat

A bit of uniforms here, a pinch of ideology there and abracadabra – that’s how youngsters are often charmed into a common ideology. Tamara from Slovenia shares the story of a pioneer's hat.

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