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A Desert Rose – new Memory Suitcase

Memory Suitcase took a couple of months of vacation, but only to come back to you fresher and more interesting than ever! We made a new, warmer and more welcoming guise for all your memories. And since writings and pictures felt too tight for the rich world of our personal heritage, we are introducing our first audio Memory Suitcase.

In the first edition of our new Memory Suitcase series, we’re bringing you the breath of the South and the story of desert rose. And all that from the middle of Balkans. Let Milan tell you his exotic story!

(Edited by Ida Ydo) 

HEREBY WE ALSO INVITE YOU TO BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR OWN HERITAGE! We’re impatiently awaiting your stories about items that make you who you are, in any format you can think of, in any guise that triggers your memories the best. Get packing!