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Ticket Down Memory Lane

Cardboard suitcase stores valuable collection of tickets

How many times you wished to throw away all those little things on your shelves that you collected? The ones that only “sits” there and gather dust? But when you reach for them you remember a story, a person or a place and then suddenly they become priceless. In her MEMORY SUITCASE Milena reveals why the dusty shoe box with a bunch of paper tickets is her very valuable item.

A True Memorabilia Hoarder

If you have to leave your house fast and save only one item or object, what would you take? Thinking about this question I got myself into real trouble. I`m a true memorabilia hoarder. I collect and keep everything with even a slightest emotional value. First walkman, wrap from a chocolate that I received as a gift from a dear friend,  a magazine from 2003. All of this items, knick-knacks, photos are  stored in a few boxes on the top of my wardrobe.  So if I have to pick only one I would be in a serious dilemma.  One thing I`m certain off -my little cardboard suitcase with a collections of tickets would be at the top choice.

Obsession of keeping every ticket, pass, basically every piece of paper that allows you entrance to some special place started when I was eight years old. I was at the house of my school friend when her older sister came running into the house. She was carrying a small piece of paper in her hand while  jumping and yelling from happiness through the house. She just got ticket for the Prodigy concert in Belgrade. Now you probably wonder what was so special and trilling?

A Ticket Like no Other

For that, you have to bear in mind that this event is happening in 1995 in war-torn country: Serbia is under sanctions, shelves in the shops are empty, national bank is printing the banknotes with eleven zero’s – the largest ones in history. Famous bend tour, premiere of a Hollywood blockbuster was a far away dream for young people behind closed borders. Just couple days before the official signing of the Dayton Agreement, band Prodigy came and brought the world into Serbia. I was too little to understand how that ticket was so important to my friend’s sister, but I learned that it represents something very special.

Since then I was overly enthusiastic about buying a ticket or receiving one as a present. Each one could  provide me a unique adventure or unforgettable moment. No matter if concert, movie or airplane tickets – I knew that they are going to represent much more than a piece of paper. They are personal stories kept in a small cardboard suitcase on the top of my wardrobe.


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