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What was the function of the building at the corner? Which role did the monument play in the past? How did the city look like 100 years ago? Combining an old photograph with a current image shows an astonishing contrast between the past and the present. Let’s take this history “to go”, move along the images and see how things change over time.

Sofia Red Army Monument in Multicolour: Art, Vandalism or Protest?

Strolling around Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, one can hardly miss the memorials erected after World War II containing characteristic elements of communist monumental art. Sofia’s Red Army Monument, built in 1954 to commemorate the liberation by the Soviet Army, is among the most widely disputed one. Throughout the years, the monument has been used as an instrument for political expression, vandalism ...

20 Years After Bombing of Serbia: A Void in Architecture and in Our Minds

  What if the buildings of Belgrade could talk? They would for sure tell us stories of Serbia’s unpredictable and troubled transition to democracy. Let’s listen to one building in Belgrade that is aptly described as “void” and what it tells us about the spring of 1999, when Belgrade was bombed.

Controversy of the Monument

  We often hear about the clash of political regimes, be it either in historical movies, documentaries, books or in lectures. Visiting Budapest as participants of the EUSTORY History Camp, we learnt that the city offers a special manifestation of that clash represented with a monument and its location.

Budapest: A Beauty With the Dark Past

    As participants of one of the most recent History Camps observed, and as Vida writes here, Budapest is a lovely European city. There is a nice square with water fountains, and behind them there is the stunning architecture of the Hungarian parliament. However, even the now beautiful places often have its much more gloomy past. Have a look at what kind of past hides the parliament in ...

The pealing of Basilica’s bells between the past, present and the future

    Budapest offers plenty of interesting and beautiful architectural creations, however, Anastasija and Irina were enchanted by a very particular one, presented to you in the following post.

History To Go: The spirit of the street and the fate of the bridge

  Pokémon GO is so yesterday, be the trend-setter and try out our History To Go! You do not necessarily need a smartphone or the Pokémon GO app to see your street in a different light.