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The Pealing of Basilica’s Bells Between the Past, Present and the Future


St. Stephen’s Basilica of Budapest (Author: Anastasija Bobrova).

Budapest offers plenty of interesting and beautiful architectural creations, however, Anastasija and Irina were enchanted by a very particular one, presented to you in the following post.

St Stephen’s Basilica of Budapest is one of the most beautiful churches and touristic attractions of the country. This is partly due to its historical heritage, of being dedicated to the holy king St. Stephen, who was also the founder of the Hungarian state, and partly due to the architectural and artistic value of the building itself.

We did not find a lot of data about the year 1919. This is mostly because of the rebellion in the country, there is not plenty of information about the existence of the Basilica. However, we learned that the opening of the basilica was planned to take place in 1868, but this did not happen due to the collapse of the dome. In 1905 basilica was finally ready to open its door and the services took place up until the year 1947.


Feeling the Spirit of the Past

We decided to choose and present you the Budapest’s Basilica, because of the atmosphere of the buliding and  the greatness, as well as the power it somehow radiates. When we were watching the basilic, we felt the spirit of the past epoch, and were teleported to another time. Basilic is placed on the hill, which makes it even a more pleasant place. The peal of Basilica’s bells is simply fantastic too. No wonder! Namely, we discovered that its bell is the biggest one in Hungary. The tourist guide told us that the basilic went through harsh times, but we are both really happy that it now works and it is still so wonderful. The basilic is now also used as a concert hall, and we would love to see it inside and listen to a concert there, because already the exterior impression of it was stunning.

Anastasija and Irina