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20 Years After

“Only 20 years”, one might think. But the articles below show that the opposite is the case: Eye-witnesses and emotions connected to certain events are still alive, memories are vivid, and the traces of the past are usually visible.

20 Years After Bombing of Serbia: A Void in Architecture and in Our Minds

Milena from Serbia takes us to Belgrade and shows a building that is aptly described as "void" and what it tells us about the spring of 1999, when Belgrade was bombed.

Gravestones of thousands of victims at the Srebrenica genocide memorial

Words Don’t Matter Anymore

Haris, an Austrian with Bosnian family-roots, shares his view on why remembering Srebrenica is crucial for ensuring a better future.

Many Shades of Remembering

How to reflect on Srebrenica and its commemoration? Will reconciliation ever be possible? Insights into Serbian politics of commemoration.

The Srebrenica-Potočari Memorial and Cemetery for the victims of the 1995 genocide.

We Need to Talk About Srebrenica

We need to talk about Srebrenica. We need to talk about it more often and more loudly, as it seems that people are slow learners. Crimes committed against civilians in numerous states during various conflicts show that h... (more)