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Exile stories XVII: Rafael Safin, refugee from the former Soviet Union Republic – Tajikistan

Looking for a person who experienced exile, migration or something like that to interview in order to prepare for the Eustory seminar Aliya from Russia realized that she even does not have to go far away in searching: I ... (more)

Exile stories XVI: A Spanish Odyssee

First Margarita was interviewed by Marta as a preparation of the seminar and her story was so amazing that we arranged another meeting with a group from during the interview. Margarita was born in Madrid in 1935. She bel... (more)

Exile stories XV: „If my kids are happy, I’m happy too”

Martyna has gone to a refugee camp in Poland. There she found people from the Caucasus who escaped from the war and conflicts in their countries. She spoke with the officials of the camp and then had the opportunity to i... (more)

Exile stories XIV: “Just being with your people…”

The person Jelena interviewed is her brothers wife, Tanja. She is from Bosnia, but she lives in the USA. She talked to her about her life and she told her how, why and when she and her parents left Bosnia, and how they e... (more)

Exile stories XIII: “At least the children got friends” – starting a new life in Denmark

Ida, from Denmark, interviewed Georgette, a 49-year-old Catholic refugee from Palestine, and her oldest daughter Bissan. Georgette is the mother of five children (age 12, 15, 19, 19, 20), all residing in Denmark. It has ... (more)

Exile Stories XII: Leaving Germany after WWII – Exile in the French Foreign Legion?

Carsten found an unusual exile story, at least if you compare it to those we have already published: When I searched for interview partners for the project, a friend mentioned his great- uncle Adolf K. who went into exil... (more)

Exile Stories XI: “Taking the decision was the most traumatic part” – from Cuba to Spain

Leopoldo is a Cuban exiled, son of Spanish parents exiled in 1936 before the beginning of the war. He was born in la Habana in 1938 and belonged to the upper medium class; when Castro’s revolution started in 1956 he deci... (more)

Exile stories X: Klodian, walking on a bridge between Albania and Italy

The following story is not explicitly an exile story but we learned, that this term is not that easy to define. The person Marica has decided to interview has a long and particular story as a migrant. His name is Klodian... (more)

Exile stories IX: Reburn into a new world

Ondrej from Czech Republic interviewed his uncle to get a story. In my first memories from the early nineties, I remember my uncle with a beard, long curly hair, a permanent cigarette in his mouth and in a leather jacket... (more)

Exile stories VIII: Deportation and Exile, randomly chosen?

Tamara from Slovenia interviewed her grandmother about her experience of deportation during WWII. I was firstly acquainted with the topic of exile when I was a little child, since my grandmother experienced forced exile ... (more)

Exile Stories VII: From Bulgaria into the French Resistance: The life of Milka Genadieva

Kalina from Bulgaria found the person she wanted to write about while talking to a friend: Milka Genadieva was a very privileged young woman, being daughter of the famous Bulgarian politician Nikola Genadiev. Nikola Gena... (more)

Exile from the premises

Our quest to explore exile in different contexts went from a macroperspective to a microperspective as we started the fourth day. The first morning block was spent in the company of Mr. Themba Nyathi, the first secretary... (more)

Exile Stories VI: Madrid – 30 years ago…

On the evening of the 24th of July 2011 20 young Europeans met in Madrid in order to discuss „EXILE” in Europe. But we won’t be the first ones as  Laura from Latvia found out: About 30 years ago Madrid had already been a... (more)

Exile stories V: Denationalization, cause of exile.

Having a successful exile is never easy. Katherine interviewed a Kurdish couple that had to leave Syria after being dispossessed of their nationality; they couldn’t be Syrian but neither Kurdish. They live now in Germany... (more)

Exile Stories IV: A soldier, a true capitalist, an anti-communist, a hero?

Vlad, who had finnished his BA in European Studies in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 2011 found his exile story right in his family. Vlad’s great-grandfather had to leave his family in 1952 when he was sent to a concentra... (more)

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