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Exile Stories III: Finally arrived – From Poland to Ukraine

When Roksolana, student of International Relations in Kiev, started to look for a person to interview she found Dmytro Djula, who was  acquainted with her grandfather as they were both members of the contemporary associa... (more)

Exile Stories II: “You can turn the train around and I will stop crying.”

Sofia, who is currently studying pharmacy in Turku conducted her interview with the grandfather of a friend by phone, living 600 kilometers apart. Jorma Iiskola was born close to Kouvola in southeastern Finland in 1935 a... (more)

Exile stories I: “When I got used to dumplings, I would be a real Czech”.

This is Vojtěch Pojar’s interview with a Belarusian refugee in his country, Czech Republic. The name Vladislav is used in order to hide the real identity of his interviewee, as he wanted to remain anonymous. When V... (more)

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