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Not voting is a statement – a statement against a democratic Europe.
Looking at issues in our home countries, we explore reasons for the low turnout among Europeans under 24 in the elections for the European Parliament.

Voting4Europe: Will the Superhero of Democracy Return?

Jonas from Denmark is excited to  go to the ballot boxes for the first time and shares his thoughts on the election campaign and young voters in Denmark.

Voting4Europe: No One Left to Believe It? Serbia Between EU-Euphoria and Disillusionment

“EU report on Serbia likely after European election” – these headlines turned the spotlight once again to the debate of Serbia’s access to the EU. Divided between Europe where it belongs to geographical... (more)

A Spanish Surprise? How the Right-Wing Vox Catches the Youth

Miguel from Andalusia, Spain, looks at the reasons for the rise of the extrem right-wing party Vox and reactions to last year's unexpected victory – bearing in mind that European elections are just around the corner.

Voting4Europe: “I Feel More European than German”

What current and future challenges is the European Parliament facing? And how did the elected body develop in the first place? Gregor spoke with Mechthild Roos, who is doing research on exactly these questions.

Voting4Europe: This Time I’m Voting for a European Slovakia!

With the unexpected victory of Zuzana Čaputová in presidential elections Slovakia got into the focus of European public. Even so the success of the environmental lawyer is considerd as sign against politival apathy, vote... (more)