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1919: A Special Blue Carrier Pigeon of Peace

tweet; Paris Peace Conference
How to end WWI? Participants negotiating peace agreements. (Photo: Körber-Stiftung)

How to lose one third of your empire in 140 characters? Today we can hardly imagine the political sphere without daily tweets and constant online communication. Imagine how political life and our world would have looked if social media existed 100 years ago! What insights could we gain, which are different from the usual official statements?

We are inviting you to a social experiment: During the EUSTORY Summit 2018 young people from Europe and beyond took the roles of the statesmen of the Paris Peace Conference 1919 to negotiate the Treaties of Trianon and Versailles. Let’s have a look behind the scenes of these negotiations which ended World War I and follow a special Twitter-thread.


Some months and hundreds of tweets later …


Share your thoughts with us: Would the results of the conference be still the same when the negotiators would have used Social Media? How are Social Media shaping today’s public life?

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