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EUSTORY Summit 2017

Why is history important to you?

Driven by their passion for history more than 100 young Europeans made their way to Berlin, against all odds: storm Xavier devastated northern parts of Germany cutting of train connections to the German capital. Five participants told us why history is important to them.

Anete, Latvia

Elvira, Russia

Andreas, Belgium

Sarah, Ireland

Pauline, Germany

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born 1994 in Austria with Bosnian roots, student of law and slavonic studies, likes debating about music, philosophy, politics but becomes most passionate about historical topics.
Milena (1987) is a Eustorian from Serbia studying sociology. But her main interests are family history, ethnology, social interaction, and places where people gather like traditional pubs with historical background. She plans to travel a bit more and perfect the skill of traditional pastry making. She hopes to work for UNICEF one day.

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