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Working with media

Today we realized that it is already Wednesday, which means we only have two days of the Summer Academy left. “Unbelievable!” Especially, when considering that in some of our home countries school has started again today. But these are probably going to be the best days, since we get the chance to star in a movie 🙂 We started the day with the usual plenary session where we had some energizing games and went through the program. This turned out to be quite easy: Working on media productions the whole day!Secretly, every group started to shoot several movie scenes or prepared the discussion with Róża Thun. As professional bloggers, we tried to get some unreleased information and suceeded in taking some paparazzi pictures of rude policemen, fine ladies and business men. But we won’t tell too much, just to keep the surprise for the final presentation. It is almost 10.00p.m. now at our headquarters, but still none of the groups has finished their work which means we will have a very long night again.

From time to time tension gets released by having a good laugh even if it’s during the daily interview. Or by a round of energetic singing in the main hall, which will probably keep the other guests wide awake.