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Here we go again! Announcing our Youth Academy in Scuol, Switzerland

It has been some time since our academy in Berlin, at the wanseeForum, where we discussed about repression and its mechanisms in totalitarian systems. Our blog won’t stop with that academy, but go on and cover our next meetings in Switzerland and Bulgaria. Be sure to be kept updated about what happens next.

Starting with Monday, 18 young people from 11 European countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) will meet in Scuol, a settlement in the mountainous area of Lower Engandine, to discuss about food and the culture of alimentation. Their task will be to investigate how agriculture, water,  the lack of food, food processing and globalization have been influencing our lives over the years, with a special focus on the Engandine valley, where finding food resources is usually an ardous job, because of the soil quality and the harsh climate. The focus is to investigate past alimentation conditions by method of interview and archive research, but also to find similarities between the different food cultures the participants bring. That is why a cookbook with typical potato recipes for each country will be compiled during the seminar.

We hope that you are looking forward for the start of this new youth academy (both the participants and our blog readers) and you can count on us to keep you updated with a fresh post every day on what has happened. Meanwhile we give you the link of the photos Tina took in Berlin just to get an insight of what taking part in an Eustory Academy means. Enjoy and see you soon!