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EUSTORY Summer Academy in Berlin has Started!

Welcome to our blog of EUSTORY 2010 in Berlin. We will keep you updated on our workshops and share our experiences with you.
EUSTORY Acadamies are international gatherings for young people who participated in EUSTORY history competitions and won an award for their work. Organised by Körber-Stiftung and in cooperation with wannseeFORUM, there is a summer academy every year. This time, 28 award winners from 15 countries came to Berlin to work on the topic „Damaged Souls – Youth and Repression in Socialistic Systems“. There will be different workshops and interviews with eye witnesses of totalitarian systems – but follow us and our activities on this blog and you will see!

Today it was the day of arrival at wannseeFORUM which hosts the academy. All day long, students arrived after a long travel from Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine or Wales. Everyone was excited to meet the others and there were already many things to talk about. But in the late evening we had a little game to get to know each other and it turned out to still be difficult to remember all the names and nationalities of the participants. Of course, there will be lots of time to learn them during this week and for today, everybody was tired and needed some refreshing sleep. Tomorrow there will be lots of activities going on!